AGF Blendy ® Cafe Latory ® Stick - Rich Matcha Latte 16 sticks (Best before 2023.01)

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Product Overview

What is "Blendy Cafe Latory"?

"Blendy Stick Cafe Latory" is a stick type (powder) that is characterized by its delicious and overflowing aroma at the moment of brewing, created by the craftsmen of cafe specialty stores with their commitment and passion. A high-quality stick series that allows you to easily enjoy the taste of specialty stores simply by putting one stick in a cup and pouring hot water. The delicious and overflowing aroma at the moment of brewing makes you trip to a "dense time" that is not disturbed by anyone.


"Time with myself" that I found in my busy days.

I want to make such an important moment more "deep".

That is the idea of ​​"rich cafe. Cafe rattle".



AGF Blendy ® Cafe Latory ® Rich Matcha Latte

"Rich Matcha Latte" is a special matcha latte that uses plenty of bittersweet matcha and rich milk. Since it is individually wrapped for one cup, you can always enjoy the fresh aroma and taste. (Large capacity type)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review