AGF Blendy ® Cafe Latory ® Stick - Rich Milk Cafe Latte No Sweetness 18 sticks (Best before 2023.09)

AGF® Blendy®

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Product Overview

What is "Blendy Cafe Latory"?

"Blendy Stick Cafe Latory" is a stick type (powder) that is characterized by its delicious and overflowing aroma at the moment of brewing, created by the craftsmen of cafe specialty stores with their commitment and passion. A high-quality stick series that allows you to easily enjoy the taste of specialty stores simply by putting one stick in a cup and pouring hot water. The delicious and overflowing aroma at the moment of brewing makes you trip to a "dense time" that is not disturbed by anyone.


“Blendy® Café Latte®” Stick Rich Milk Caffe Latte Unsweetened

A non-sweet caffe latte that focuses on the balance of rich coffee and rich milk.

Raw Materials: Creaming powder (including milk components) (domestic production), lactose, instant coffee, dextrin, skimmed milk powder / pH adjuster, milk protein, flavoring (derived from milk), stabilizer (processed starch), emulsifier, fine silicon oxide, Seasonings (amino acids, etc.)

* Contains Milk





(No reviews yet) Write a Review