AGF Japan Luxurious coffee shop ®" Special Blend - Blue Gold 80g ( Best Before 2024.04)

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A little luxurious coffee shop ®


"Slightly luxurious coffee shop ®" special blend  

"Blue Gold with a deep scent". Luxuriously use carefully selected coffee beans. A scoop fills the deep aroma of a coffee shop master. 

You can enjoy the rich and mellow aroma and deep richness. Please enjoy it in black first.


"T2 ACMI roasting" that realizes the taste and aroma of coffee shops


"T2 ACMI roasting" is a roasting method that maximizes the aroma while suppressing bitterness and acidity to suit the tastes of Japanese people .
The reason why the coffee you drink at the coffee shop is delicious is that the heat is finely controlled during roasting to bring out the

characteristics of the beans. Inspired by that, AGF discovered that there is a certain amount of heat to roast coffee to the taste of Japanese people.
The pure taste produced by the roasting has less minerals than the Western "hard water", and is perfectly compatible with the soft and unmistakable Japanese "soft water".



(No reviews yet) Write a Review