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HAKUGEN Dehumidification, Deodorization, Prevent Mold, Anti-Yellowing Dehumidifier (Drawer) 12pcs White Soap

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Product Description

HAKUGEN Dehumidification, Deodorization, Prevent Mold, Anti-Yellowing Dehumidifier (Drawer) 12pcs - White Soap

Keep the clothes in the drawer smelling fresh and prevent them from yellowing or fading with the Hakugen Drawer Floral Soap.

This deodorizer removes moisture and prevents the growth of mold.

You can also use this dehumidifier with other kinds of moth proofing products.

Just place a sheet in the drawer to dehumidify and deodorize it.

When the sheet turns jelly like, it’s time to replace it.

Each pack has 12 sheets.


Additional Informations:

● With a zipper for convenient storage.
●A type of dehumidifier that hardens like absorbed jelly.
● It is a thin type that does not take up much space in drawers or clothes cases.
●Deodorizes odors that are annoying in the storage space. (* Worried odor = musty odor, sweat odor, body odor)
● Suppresses mold growth.
● Prevents yellowing when storing clothes. (*Yellow due to nitrogen oxides (NOx))
-It has no effect on yellowing caused by dirt.
-There is no effect to remove the yellowing.
-The effect depends on the material and fabric.
●Can be used with insect repellent.

【how to use】
・Take this product out of the outer bag and place it on top of your clothes with the moisture absorption surface (white surface) facing up.
・If the whole pack becomes a jelly, replace it with a new one.
-It is more effective when used in a highly sealed environment.

(Usage standard)
・Please use 1 sheet as a guide for the drawer of drawers and 50L of clothes case.
・Approximate capacity size (unit: cm): Width 51 * Height 28 * Depth 35

Moisture removal for storage space for clothes, such as drawers and clothes cases.

[Hakugen Dry's  Raw Material]

Calcium chloride, water retention agent, anti-mold/anti-mite agent (wasabi-derived ingredient)

[Standard outline]

·Internal capacity
25g*12 sheet

·Period of use
1-4 months (depending on the season and humidity even at the same place of use)
* Be sure to replace the product with a new one within 1 year after starting use.

・Disposal after use This product is plastic waste. Please dispose of the contents as they are according to the classification of the local government.

・Standard dehumidification amount (water conversion)
About 50 g per sheet (when temperature is 25 degrees and humidity is 80%)

【Preservation method】
・Store out of direct sunlight.
・When the outer bag is opened, moisture absorption starts. If you do not use this product at the same time, put it in the outer bag, close the zipper tightly and save it before using it as soon as possible.

・Do not take out the materials inside.
・Since liquid may leak, do not scratch the chemical bag or attach oil (leather cream, etc.) or detergent to it. If the leaked liquid adheres, it may cause discoloration or deterioration of clothing or leather products and metal rust.
・Please be careful and place at area unreachable by your child.
・If it gets on your skin or gets in your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. In either case, consult your doctor if you have any abnormalities.
・If the chemical adheres to clothes or metal, wash it off with water. If you can't wash it, repeat wiping with water and a dry cloth until it becomes tack-free.
・Do not use for compression bags. If it is pressed strongly, the contents may ooze out.
-When the humidity is high, the liquid may temporarily accumulate without forming a zeru. Also, when the temperature and humidity are low, the drug may temporarily set. In either case, there is no problem with the effect or quality, so please use it as it is.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.

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