Kao Japan Attack Zero Concentrated Liquid Detergent [For Drum Type] 400g


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Product Overview

[Kao] Attack Zero (ZERO) One-handed push for laundry detergent drum type 400g


 ● Premium design for drum type.

 ● Highly water-saving polymer formulation prevents stains from returning to clothes during washing.

● Zero cleaning reduces "dirt", "dry odor", and "detergent residue" to zero.

● Clothes are revived every time they are washed.

● Prevents room drying odor for a long time

 ● Anti-mold in the washing tank.

● Even one rinse is OK

● No optical brightener.

● Leafy Breeze scent (slight scent).




[How to use]

● When refilling, be sure to use "Attack ZERO Drum Type Dedicated Refill".

● If you put other products in, the liquid may not come out.

● One-handed type that measures with one hand

 ● The amount can be adjusted by the number of pushes according to the amount of material to be washed.

● At the beginning of use, remove the red stopper and use the detergent of the machine to wash the discharge port.

● Push it toward the inlet, etc. according to the guideline for the amount used.

● The number of pushes you start using may not allow the liquid to come out.

● One cap displayed on the washing machine is about 5 pushes. [Estimated amount of use]

● Drum type washable amount Push frequency (1 push = approx. 5 g)

● 6 kg 5 push (25 g)

● 5 kg 4 push (20 g)

● 4 kg 3 push (15 g)

● 2 kg 2 push (10 g)

● When pushing Push it all the way to the end for proper weighing.

● Do not use near your face as the liquid may pop out if you push it strongly.

● When dripping, wipe off the tip of the discharge port immediately.

● If the liquid mixed with air comes out, refill it.


Country of manufacture: Japan



(No reviews yet) Write a Review