Kao RELIEF Low Rise & Ultra Slim Pants PINK L15S - For Woman

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Product Overview

Product Details

Relief Ultra Slim adult diaper is ultra slim like underwear with 3.5mm thin absorbent core. It has softer, flatter stretch fabric for superior comfort. It is also low rise fashionable cut not visible from waist and has great absorbency with odour control. Breathable surface also prevents stuffiness and skin irritation.


Product features

● When playing sports or wearing usual clothes, don't worry about seeing the waist from the waist.
● Low-rise type with a focus on "usual comfort".
●Color: Pink
●Compact absorber designed for Woman
●Ultra-thin stretchable material that fits gently to the body
●Freshness and breathability throughout the body
●Antibacterial deodorant components combine to create a strong block from the generation of odors. (Items eligible for medical expense deduction)\


Raw materials, ingredients, etc.

Material Surface material: Polyester
polyolefin non-woven fabric Water absorbent material: Cotton pulp, absorbent paper, acrylic polymer water absorbent material
Waterproof material: Polyolefin film
Elastic material: Polyurethane, etc.
Binder: Styrene elastomer synthetic resin


[How to use]
● White is behind.
● When changing, please take off like underwear.
● After use, be sure to remove the stool attached to the disposable diaper and dispose of it in the toilet.
● Roll with the dirty part inside, and treat it so that it does not become unsanitary.
● Do not throw away disposable diapers in the toilet.
● Take the disposable diaper used when you go out and take it home.
● Please follow the rules in your area regarding the disposal method (burnable/non-burnable) of used diapers.
●Take home the diaper you used when you went out.

Precautions for use

● This product is a disposable diaper. Do not wash.
● If you wash the product by mistake, after dehydration, scrape off the pulp or jelly-like particles* on the clothes, and remove any that remain inside the washing machine.
*Jelly-like particles are water-absorbent polymeric water-absorbing materials.
● Do not place in places with high temperature such as near a heating device as it may be deformed.
● Wipe off any stool left on your skin as it may cause a rash.
● If you have a rash or a diaper does not fit your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
● Carefully store the product so that users do not accidentally say it, and dispose of it immediately after use.
● If you have eaten, please consult your doctor immediately.
●Since it is a hygiene product, we recommend replacing it once a day.
● Replace dirty paper diapers as soon as possible.
●Be careful of the storage location so that you do not accidentally put it in your mouth or block your throat, and dispose of it immediately after use.
● After opening, store it hygienically to prevent dust and insects from entering it.

Country of manufacture: Japan


(No reviews yet) Write a Review