KEY COFFEE Premium Coffee Drip On - Variety Pack (12 bags) BEST BEFORE 2024.08.02)


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Product Overview

You can enjoy the taste of various authentic coffee just by putting it in a cup and pouring hot water.

At home, in the office, in every day, every day, please enjoy the delicious drip-on with the 20th anniversary of its release.

You can find your favorite coffee because it has various tastes and aromas.

Product nameDrip on Variety Pack Limited time offer (12 cups)

Internal capacity8g x 12 bags (6 types x 2 bags)

Type 1: Special blend x 2 bags

Type 2: Kilimanjaro blend x 2 bags

Type 3: Toraja Blend x 2 bags

Type 4: Mocha Blend x 2 bags 

Type 5: SINCE 1920 BLEND No.100 x 2 bags

Type 6: *Deeply Richness & mellow Blend x 2 bags

* Special Blend. Products before renewal may be delivered depending on availability.

Designed to be easily set in any cup

The irregularities of the holder are designed to be easy to set in any size cup, and because the handle part is solid, it is easy to remove. Enjoy it with your favorite cup.


filter structure for anyone

"Steaming" is done just by pouring it, and a special filter that slowly drips hot water is used. As the hot water and beans touch each other for a long time, the taste is extracted well, and anyone can enjoy delicious regular coffee easily.


Sprinkle a small amount of boiling water to the extent that the whole powder can be mixed, stir for 10 seconds, and then pour in 2 or 3 portions.

(Estimated completion is 140 ml)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review