LEC Disney Toy Story Alien 99% Pure Water Wipes - Hand & Mouth (Travel Pack) 25pcs x 2

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Product Overview

 99% Water content's wet tissue, non-alcoholic with Disney packaging design. Can be used on hands, mouth wipes and whole body.


Product Description:

● Reliable hands and mouth wipes (wet tissues) made of pure water with 99% or more of the ingredients. 
● 2 packs of 25 sheets that are convenient for going out and carrying
● Manufactured from the start of production to the package without human touch.
It is made in our own factory in Japan that is thoroughly hygienically managed.
● In addition to 99% pure water, we are considering safety such as paraben-free, non-alcoholic, PG-free, and fragrance-free.
● Non-alcoholic wet tissue
● A flap seal with a convenient over stop function makes it easy to remove the sheet with one hand.
● Disney Series Princess Ariel


  • Specifications: 25 sheets x 2 packs.
  • Size: 200mm x 150mm  
  • Unscented
  • Ingredients: Water, BG, benzalkonium chloride, propynyl iodide butylcarbamate, tea leaf extract


Note: these wipes are non-flushable

Caution: stop using wipes if skin irritation occurs. Do not flush wipes. Avoid wipes on eyes and wound.
Keep wipes away from direct sunlight and heat. Ensure seal sticker is firmly sealed after use.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review