UCC GOLD SPECIAL Coffee Powder 400g - Special Blend/ Rich Blend / Mocha Blend / Kilimangiaro Blend (Best before)

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UCC GoldSeries 400
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Product Overview

UCC GOLD SERIES Grounded Coffee Powder, came in 4 different blends - the deliciousness that you can keep up with.
UCC GOLD SPECIAL Coffee Powder 400g per packet

- Special Blend (Best before 2022.03.22)
- Rich Blend (Best Before 2022.05.01 )
- Mocha Blend (Best Before 2022.04.28)
- Kilimangiaro Blend (Best Before 2022.04.17)



Special Blend
Continued to be loved and No. 1 in sales for 20 consecutive years. It is the most delicious taste in Japan.
A blend based on Brazilian beans, featuring a sweet aroma and rich flavor .
The rich richness of Brazil goes well with the moist texture of the bun, and the almond-like aroma goes well with the aroma of cookies.

Rich Blend
A blend of deeply roasted Colombian and Brazilian beans as a base, featuring an elegant aroma and a deep taste .
The rich richness of the rich blend goes well with rich chocolate.

Mocha Blend
A blend of Ethiopian mocha as a base, featuring a sweet scent peculiar to mocha and a mellow drink .
Mocha has a scent reminiscent of herbs, so it goes well with sweets containing grass mochi and herbs.

Kilimangiaro Blend
Is a Tanzania-based blend that features a well-balanced aftertaste, a refreshing acidity and an elegant aroma.
The sweet and sour taste reminiscent of oranges and honey from Kilimangiaro goes well with the fruity sour sweets.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review