Unicharm Japan BFE>99% Super Comfort® Mask 99% Cut Filter® 30pcs - Small / Regular (Production 2021.03)

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Product Overview

Unicharm Super Comfort ® Mask 99% Cut Filter ® BFE>99%, VFE >99%

Based on Kaken Test Center Japan:
Super Comfort ® Mask 99% Cut Filter ® (超快適®マスク99%カットフィルタ®)
Test result : Ave BFE 99.9%
Test Method: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency(BFE) ASTWI F 2101
Test bacteria:St碑ろ,わcοCCttS αク/夕2が ATCC 6538


Product features
1. "Silk touch filter" and "soft stretch ear hook" make it comfortable to wear.
The "Silk Touch Filter", which contains real silk, is comfortable and comfortable to wear without messing.
It does not hurt even if you wear it for a long time with "soft stretch ears"!

2. Firmly block with "99% cut filter*"!
Prevents virus droplets and pollen from entering.
Safe for PM2.5.
* Filter part collection efficiency test (virus splash: VFE test, pollen: pollen collection efficiency test)
"99% cut filter" means that it is equipped with a filter that can cut 99% of virus droplets (VFE) .

3. The "omnidirectional fit structure" makes it difficult to create gaps!
Fits securely with "Nose fit".

4. Easy to breathe with "ventilation filter"!

5. Regular size (H90mm×W175mm)
    Small Size (H90mm×W150mm)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review