Japan CareCera AP Face & Body Milky Lotion, 200 ml (Ceramide Plus x 8 Natural Ceramide Formulas)

Rohto Carecera

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Product Overview

Carecera AP face & body emulsion

About this item

  • Prescription designed with gentle skin
  • Formulated with 8 natural ceramic types and carefully selected moisturizing ingredients
  • Formulated with ceramide plus to compensate for important moisture in the barrier function
  • Peptide CP formula, moisturizes and maintains skin water
  • Functional body care lotion born from dermatology research with revised skin function from the root
  • Emulsion born from dermatology studies


For dry skin that keeps getting flaky and rough. Emulsion that deeply moisturizes the skin


Product description

For dry skin that helps to repel crinkles and rough skin. Moisturizes the skin
Emulsion born from dermatology studies

While increasing healthy cells, the production of ceramic is enabling the skin to produce moisture with their own power. One piece for full body use.
Ceramide Plus (Dihydroxylignoceloyl phytosphingothin*, ceramide 6II*), peptide CP (oligopeptide -24*, sodium chloride*, potyoxine HCl*, serin*), 7 types of natural ceramide (1*ceramide, 2*, ceramide 3*, ceramide 6*, ceramide. Ceramide EOS *. Formulated with caplooil phingosin*caplooil spfinggothin*. * Moisturizing ingredients



(No reviews yet) Write a Review