Lion Pet Japan Pet Kirei Foam Rinse-in Shampoo for Puppies and Kittens - Refill pack 180ml

Lion Pet

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[Lion Pet Japan] Pet Kirei Foam Rinse-in Shampoo for Puppies and Kittens

"Easy shampoo" that does not require lathering. For the shampoo debut of puppies and kittens. Skin-friendly non-irritating prescription

  • Since it comes out as foam, it is difficult to drip and it is easy to wash around the face.
  • 100% plant based cleansing ingredients.
  • Contains collagen.
  • Washes delicate puppies and kittens' skin and fur while retaining moisture.
  • Soft and smooth finish.
  • Weakly acidic, no coloring, no alcohol added.
  • A gentle baby soap scent (faintly scented).
  • Made in Japan





Usage and dosage]

・After detangling the hair before shampooing, wet the whole body thoroughly with warm water.

・Take an appropriate amount of this product, wash along the coat and massage, rinse thoroughly, and dry.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review