ST Japan OnStyle 40℃ Tummy Warmer (5 pieces)

ST Corp

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●A heating sheet that is attached to the outside of your underwear to thoroughly warm your stomach and lower back.
●The warmth of approximately 40℃ lasts for 12 hours and keeps you warm.
●Since it is thin, you won't notice that you are wearing it.
●Since the heating part is divided, it fits the body.
●Heat temperature: approx. 40℃/Duration: 12 hours,
Size: 13cm x 7cm, Quantity: 5 pieces per box
Medical device [Effects: Thermal effect] - Improves blood circulation, relieves neuralgia and muscle pain, relieves gastrointestinal pain (Menstrual Cramp relief). Invigorate your work, at times like this...When your stomach gets cold, when you have painful back pain, even in the summer office [warming]


(No reviews yet) Write a Review