Bitatto POP: Reusable Lid for Wet Wipes - Mini


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Product Overview

 Features of Bitatto: 
• Creates a complete seal to lock in moisture and keep wet wipes from drying out
• Reusable - environmentally and economically friendly 
• Easy to use & maintain
• Convenient to carry
• Makes it more convenient to take out wet wipes from packet as compared to resealable seal 


Bitatto Mini is specifically designed for usage with mini/travel-sized packs of wet wipes, fitting them perfectly in cases where Bitatto Regular lids may be too big. 


In the Bitatto POP - Mini collection, we have Pink, Green and Purple lids!


It is smaller than Bitatto Regular lids but it retains its unique characteristics.


Using Bitatto is extremely easy and intuitive, allowing for a pleasant user experience. 




It is not unusual for adhesive to become dirty after multiple uses which may affect the adhesive's strength. 
To solve this problem, you can wash the adhesive sheet and it will be as good as new! 




Product Description

Body: PP (made in Korea) 
Adhesive material: Urethane elastomer (made in Japan)
Adhesive processing, packaging, and inspection processes are done in Japan.
Color: Pink/Green/Purple





(No reviews yet) Write a Review