Kao Attack ZERO Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent Refill 1540g - Low Sud

Kao Attack

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Product Overview

Kao Attack ZERO Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent 380g - Low Sud - For Front loaded (Drum type) Washing Machine


Attack Zero, an innovative ultra concentrated laundry detergent that will revolutionize your washing habits, helping you achieve ultimate hygienic clean laundry, no more spills or sticky detergent caps.

  • Designed specifically for the drum type, it is highly formulated with water-saving polymers that prevent stains from returning to clothing. Thoroughly removes odors even when washing the drum 
  • Easy to measure with one hand. The best cleaning power in the history of attack liquid.
  • Advanced formulation zero in to remove even stubborn micro-stains while preventing future stains from adhering to fabric fibres – perfect for stains on collars and cuffs.
  • Antibacterial + (plus), irus removal  &  Mold prevention for washing tank.
  • Contains no optical brightener.
  • Furthermore, it contains the plant-based ingredient as cleaning ingredient Bio-IOS, which aims to achieve both "high cleaning power" and "environment-friendliness."
  • A deodorizing approach that includes fragrance design
  • Effective in suppressing the accumulation of polysaccharide stains. Polysaccharide stains can be removed by repeated washing In the Attack
  • In addition to being antibacterial, it controls the odor metabolism of odor bacteria.
  •  Restore whites and colour brilliance upon every wash – bid goodbye to dull-looking clothes; keep clothes looking good as new.

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*Does not inhibit the growth of all bacteria and mold. It does not remove all viruses. Verifying effectiveness with one type of envelope-type virus


1 cap displayed on the washing machine takes about 5 pumps.
●When refilling, be sure to use the ``Attack ZERO drum type refill''. If you put other products in it, the liquid may not come out.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review