Kao Japan Magiclean Cucute Dishwashing Foam 1120ml Refill- UnScented


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Product Overview

Kao Magiclean Cucute Dishwashing Foam

  • Clean the dirt that the sponge does not reach!
  • No sponge needed! Just spray directly on the dishes and flush with water!
  • Recommended for various tableware that is difficult to wash (water bottles, plastic containers, graters, whisks, etc.).
  • With the unique penetration crush cleaning technology, dense foam quickly and deeply penetrates and decomposes even solidified oil stains and removes them all at once.
  • Four effects of sterilization, astringency, deodorization, and dullness removal with one.
  • Unscented


how to use:

  • Spray directly on tableware, cooking utensils, etc., leave for about 1 minute, and then rinse. If it is very dirty, leave it for a while after spraying, and lightly rub it with your hand or sponge when rinsing.
  • Sterilizing the cutting board / Wipe off the water from the cutting board once washed, spray it evenly on one side about 14 times, leave it for about 20 minutes, and then rinse it off with water.
  • Disinfect the sponge / Squeeze the sponge well, spray it about 14 times with the tip of the spray pressed, let it penetrate evenly, and leave it until the next use.




  • Do not use for any other purpose. Keep out of reach of children. Be careful of accidental ingestion by people with dementia. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with water after use. If you are rough or use for a long time, use cooking gloves.
  •  In case of running water, rinse for 5 seconds or more, and in case of pooled water, change the water and rinse twice or more.



For tableware / cooking utensils, sponge / plastic cutting board (sterilization)



Surfactant (5%, alkyl glycoside), stabilizer, metal sequestering agent


Country of Origin: Japan



(No reviews yet) Write a Review