Kao Japan Magiclean Kitchen Foam Jet Cleaner Spray Refill 630ml


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Product Overview

REFILL PACK Only.  Sprayer sell separately

Description of product

Make kitchen cleaning easy! A kitchen cleaner that can be used from the stove to the sink. Foam that continues to sizzle spreads thinly and sticks. Easy to wipe off. No need for daily oil stains. Just wipe it off! Just flush! The barrier coat function makes it easier to remove dirt. It can be used barehanded. No need to wipe twice. Unscented. Disinfects* and deodorizes. *It does not eliminate all bacteria.
How to use

●Stove area ●Walls ●Cooking table ●Outside of kitchen appliances Spray and wipe off with 
 paper or cloth. When the dirt is difficult to remove, spray again and rub lightly.
  The outside of kitchen appliances and narrow spaces may cause stains and malfunctions, so do not spray directly, but spray on paper or cloth and wipe off.
 ・For sterilization, spray directly and wipe off after 5 minutes.

●Cleaning and barrier coating around the sink, sterilization*, deodorizing
 , spraying and rinsing with water. For water stains and heavy stains, spray and lightly rub with paper or cloth.
 ・For barrier coat, spray and rinse after about 1 minute.
 ・For sterilization, spray directly and rinse after 5 minutes. To disinfect the drain basket, wash it once, drain it well, spray it evenly, leave it for 5 minutes, and then rinse it.
 ・To deodorize the drain basket, spray evenly and then rinse.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review