LEC 99.9% Pure Water Wipes (Thick) 54 sheets x 12 single packs *High Moist *Improved Version

LEC 99.9% Water Wipes

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Product Overview

Packaging may be different (colour/brown box) subject to stock availability. 

Specifications: 54 sheets x 15packs. Size: 180mm x 140mm 


99.9% Pure Water Thick High Moisture wipes (*Improved Version)

- 54 sheets x 12packs


● It is a thick sheet with plenty of water [2.2 times compared to other LEC Wipes] that can gently wipe off

loose stools of newborns and sticky poops of infants.
● 99.9% of the ingredients are made of pure water, which is as close to water as possible.
● W moisturizing ingredient combination of collagen & peach leaf extract. Keeps your skin healthy.
● Paraben, PG (Propylene glycol), IPBC (Propinyl iodide butylcarbamic acid), alcohol, fragrance, and coloring are not added.
● The open seal has an overstop function that opens 180 degrees and stops, making it easy to remove the sheet.
● Manufactured in clean room without human contact from the start of production to packaging. It is made in LEC own factory in Japan with thorough hygiene control.

Please note:  This Wet Wipes is non-flushable.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review