Lion Pet Japan Instant Dry Pet Sheet Salari Wide 24 sheets

Lion Pet

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Product Overview

One piece a day with reliable absorption power and amazing deodorizing power.

So economical and eco-friendly.


  • The three-dimensional dry mesh sheet does not get wet or leaky on the edges, and the surface is smooth.
  • The air in the room is always comfortable with the deodorizing power of natural cypress.
  • The pastel green sheet makes pee marks inconspicuous.
  • It is a smooth sheet that is easy to remove poop, so you can keep it clean.
  • It absorbs pee well, so you don't have to worry about replacing it, and you can reduce the amount of garbage.
  • 〈Wide size〉60×44cm
  • Surface material:

Polyethylene mesh sheet

Absorbent: Cotton-like pulp, absorbent paper, polymer absorbent material

Waterproof material: Polyethylene film

Binder: Hot-melt adhesive Deodorant: Hinoki

Exterior material: Polyethylene film


Country of Origin Japan







(No reviews yet) Write a Review