Pigeon Flushable Wipes Fluffy & Thick - Travel pack 22s x 5


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Product Overview

Pigeon Wipes, Flushable Wipes, Fluffy and Thick, 22 Sheets x 5 Packs (110 Sheets)

(Travel Pack)

Size - Travel Pack

Qty - 22sheets per pack

One Bundle - 5packs

Wipes sheet size - 150mm x 200mm


Pigeon flushable  wipes series with a gentle wiping experience. Put it in the toilet!

A wipes that can be flushed down the toilet.
Recommended when baby food starts and the poop becomes hard. Contains ingredients to protect the buttocks Contains an ingredient (hydroxyethyl cellulose) that prevents dirt from adhering after wiping *This does not mean that dirt will not stick at all. The sheet can be flushed down the toilet and easily loosened by the power of Rakutin treated water, so it is the same as poop. It can be flushed down the toilet. It is convenient when children are toilet training because they can easily wash it down. *When flushing it down the toilet, flush 1 to 2 sheets at a time with a large volume of water. ・No additives : PG, parabens, Does not contain IPBC (propynyl butyl carbamate iodide), alcohol, colorants, or fragrances Can be used to wipe the body, hands and feet - Can be used from newborns - Tested for skin irritation by a dermatologist (for all people) (This does not mean that skin problems will not occur.)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review