UCC Japan Coffee Quest - Blue Mountain Blend 45g (Best Before 2025.01.04)

UCC Coffee

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Commitment to a cup " UCC Coffee quest"
UCC Coffee quest is:
coffee made with carefully selected ingredients from the world's production areas and carefully selected manufacturing methods. Please enjoy the special. ~ cup with each story ~



UCC Blue Mountain Blend Story ~ Coffee that grows in deep fog.
Blue Mountain can only be called coffee cultivated in the "Blue Mountain Area", which is inside the Blue Mountain Mountains on the eastern side of Jamaica, as defined by JACRA (Jamaica Agricultural Products Regulation Corporation). Most of the Blue Mountain area is a mountainous area with steep slopes, and there is a large temperature difference between day and night. The temperature difference tightens the coffee berries and slowly matures them.
In addition, fog frequently occurs in this area. Surrounded by deep fog, the lush Blue Mountains dimly emerge.
This fog softens the strong sunlight, moisturizes the trees and leaves. Here is the secret that creates a sweet and elegant aroma and a dignified taste.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review