Japan KAO Attack Antibacterial EX Laundry Detergent Refill Pack 2500ml


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Product Overview

Kao Attack Antibacterial EX Refill Extra Large 2500g - 3X

Cleans the roots of dirt, odors, and even the food of bacteria*1. (Stains from food spills, sweat odor, etc.) (Even food for invisible bacteria)

Softeners and clothing bleaches (oxygen-based) can also be used. 

Full-time antibacterial. antiviral.

It also prevents mildew in the washing tank.

Refreshing clear scent.

One-time rinsing is OK




[How to use]

Please wash according to the care instructions on the clothing.

Do not use products labeled as neutral or neutral detergent.

・Contains a fluorescent agent.

Light-colored cotton and linen clothing may become whitish, so we recommend detergents that do not contain fluorescent agents.

・If you are worried about the color fading, apply the undiluted solution to an inconspicuous place and leave it for about 5 minutes.


(For general type washing machine)

Water volume 65L (washing amount 6.0kg) 1 cap (58g)

Water volume 55L (washing amount 4.5kg) Cap 0.8 cup (upper scale 49g)

Water volume 45L (washing amount 3 ) .0kg) Cap 0.7 cup (middle of thick part/40g)

Water volume 30L (Amount to wash 1.5kg) Cap 0.4 cup (Lower scale/25g)


(For drum type washing machine) Amount to

wash 6.0kg⇒ 1 cup of cap (58g)

5.0 kg of washing amount ⇒ 0.8 cup of cap (upper scale, 49 g)

4.0 kg of washing amount ⇒ 0.7 cup of cap (middle of thick part, 40 g)

2.0 kg of washing amount ⇒ cap 0.4 cups (lower scale, 25 kg)

1 g = about 1 ml The standard amount of laundry is about 70 to 80% of the size of the washing machine.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review