Kao Japan Magiclean Glass Brightening Spray Cleaner 400ml


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Product Overview

Kao Japan Glass Brightening Spray Cleaner 400ml

It cleans dirt and grime from windows, mirrors, glass tables, showcases, etc. that are clouded by dust and hand grime, leaving them with a shiny, transparent finish.
No double rinsing, no streaks left.
Adhesive foam spray that doesn't drip easily.

[Glass/mirror detergent]


●Rich And Fine Bubbles, No Dripping

●One Spray And One Wipe, Quickly Clean The Dust, Finger Prints, Stains, Etc. On The Glass And Mirror

●Bright And Clean After Wiping, Not Easy To Leave Marks

●Disintegrate Dirt, Reduce Water Marks, Mild And Non-Irritating, Clean Dust

●Suitable For Glass Windows, Mirrors, Glass Products, Window Glass, Various Glass Furniture, Etc.

●Do Not Use On Wooden Floors, Furniture, Wall Materials, Etc. Painted Walls, Car Paint Surfaces, Etc. Car Coating Surface Lcd, Plasma Display Surface.

Storage Storage Method: Please Avoid High Temperature And Direct Sunlight And Store In A Cool And Ventilated Place.

Instructions For Use:

※ Dual-purpose Nozzle Design - Open The White Cover Of The Nozzle To Make The Foam Diffuse, Suitable For Large-Area Cleaning; Close The White Cover Of The Nozzle To Make The Foam Concentrated, Suitable For Key Cleaning

Turn The Nozzle To "Bubble" And You Can Use It. Turn The Nozzle To "Stop" Storage After Use. After Spraying, Wipe Clean Immediately With A Dry Cloth. (Do Not Wipe Repeatedly), If The Stains Are Heavy, You Can Spray This Product Directly On The Rag And Then Wipe



(No reviews yet) Write a Review