Teekanne Cool Sensations - Strawberry & Orange 18's


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Teekanne is a globally active tea company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. Its tradition dates back to the founding year 1882. Teekanne is the innovator and driver in the herbal & fruit tea segment, focus on natural ingredients and its quality promise "All from one source". All this flows into highly indulgent tea experiences for its consumers. With experience of more than 135 years, Teekanne is No.1 for the complete tea category in European core markets, No.5 in the world and No.1 in herbal and fruit infusions worldwide (Source: Euromonitor 2020). 


Cool down with the fruity combination of strawberry and orange flavours. An unique cold brew tea, Teekanne Cool Sensations Strawberry Orange is the refreshment for the summer with the taste of fruity strawberries and oranges. This taste forms the harmonious combination of sour and sweet.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review