Unicharm Japan Super 3D Face mask For Kids (5pcs) For Boys (Production 2023.01)


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Product Overview

Unicharm Japan Children mask 3D Super Solid® Mask Standard 99% Cut Filter® BFE>99%, VFE >99%

Based on Kaken Test Center Japan:
3D Super Solid ® Mask Standard 99% Cut Filter ® (超立体®マスク スタンダード99%カットフィルタ®)
Test result : Ave BFE 99.9%
Test Method: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency(BFE) ASTWI F 2101
Test bacteria:St碑ろ,わcοCCttS αク/夕2が ATCC 6538

  • Features super effective W block!
    1. Shaped with kids in mind so there are no gaps!
    2. 99% virus cut filter®
    *According to filter efficiency tests (virus splash: VFE test)
  • 3 features of the Kids Fit
    POINT 1: Made to fit children's noses 
    POINT 2: Made to fit children's ears
    POINT 3: Made to fit children's rounded chins
  • Stays snug with the Soft Stretch Ear straps!
  • “Easy breathing filter” makes it easy to breathe!

*This mask was made with kindergarten and elementary school-aged children in mind, but can be used for other people as well.
Size differs by individual, so if your face is bigger, please use the Cho-rittai Mask Small Size for Adults.

Quantity: 5 pieces
Gender: Boy
Dimensions: 56mm x 118mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review