Kao Japan Quickle (Magiclean) Kitchen Cleaning Wipes: Box (with10s wipes)


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Product Overview

Kitchen cleaning supplies By Kao Japan - Kitchen Quickle

Box type - content of one pack of wipes - 10sheets


Kao Quickle Kitchen Cleaning Wipes is a Thick and durable uneven sheet containing plant-derived cleaning ingredients, so you can wipe off dirt from various parts of the kitchen, such as around the stove, walls, countertops, inside microwave ovens / refrigerators, dining tables, and cupboards. increase.99.9% sterilization.No need to wipe twice.Convenient perforations that can cut the sheet in half according to the application.* Not all bacteria are sterilized.


Uses: For cleaning, disinfecting, and removing viruses around stoves / walls, countertops, dining tables, cupboards, microwave ovens and refrigerators.
Liquid: Weakly alkaline
Sheet size: Approximately 310 mm x Approximately 245 mm
Others : 
● Do not flush down the toilet as it does not dissolve in water.
● To prevent drying, refill the main container after opening and use.
● Due to changes in temperature, the volume of air inside may change, causing the bag to swell or deflate, but this does not affect the quality.


Precautions● Do not use for any other purpose.● Keep out of reach of children.● Wash your hands with water after use.● If you are rough or use for a long time, use cooking gloves.● Do not use for water-based paint, varnish, varnish, white wood, paulownia, tatami mat, copper, latex, aluminum products, etc.● Wooden furniture, painted surfaces, and wallpaper may cause stains, so try spraying them on inconspicuous areas before using.● To avoid drying, push the front of the container lid and close it properly.● Do not use directly for food, tableware and cooking utensils.● Because it uses natural pulp, it may become yellowish, but there is no problem with the quality.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review